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Jazz guard Mike Conley probable to play on Saturday vs. Kings


The Utah Jazz are playing great basketball at the moment, but the momentum they’re building may be put at risk as Mike Conley is set to return to the team after battling through injury.

Andrew Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune released an update on the current condition of the star guard. Depending on the perception of the current team of the Jazz, fans are either thrilled for his return or afraid that the good run of form is coming to an end.

There’s a good basketball reason why fans are hesitant at the idea of Conley sliding back to the starting lineup once he’s cleared to play team basketball. One of the biggest reasons involves the chemistry the Jazz have at the moment. Joe Ingles is slowly but surely returning to the form that made him a favorite player in Salt Lake. The chemistry that has been developed in his absence is giving the Jazz some much-needed wins to keep them in the playoff race.

However, even the bigges Jazz fan who is against re-inserting Conley to the starting lineup cannot deny the impact Conley can make to the team. He’s a superb point guard who can lead the Jazz as its primary floor general. He’s averaging 13.6 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 4.6 assists in only 22 appearances, and he could easily be the assist leader if he didn’t go down with an injury.

Quin Snyder will have to make a tough call ahead of their game against the Kings. Does he risk ruining the team’s chemistry by forcing Conley back in? Or does he hope Conley’s ego won’t be dented by having him start off the bench?

This will be answered by the time the Jazz begin playing against Sacramento.