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Rodney Hood on swatting fan’s cell phone after ejection

Rodney Hood

It appears Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood has tried to make amends for a transgression that occurred after he was ejected from a recent game.

As Hood exited the game on Wednesday after being ejected, he swatted at the cell phone of a fan who was filming the occurrence. He was subsequently fined $35,000 for the incident, and the fan attempted to get the police involved immediately after it happened.

But on Friday, Hood said he apologized to the fan for what happened, per Kyle Goon of the Salt Lake Tribune.

But that’s not all. Per Goon, Jazz head coach Quin Snyder addressed what transpired, but did not mention the slapping of the phone. Snyder only mentioned the technicals that resulted in Hood’s ejection.

Hood just needs to get past this at this point. The NBA fined him, and he was fortunate not to get a suspension from the league for such an offense. It was also good that Hood attempted to make amends with the fan, who clearly was plenty upset at what transpired.

The entire situation goes to show that when players are having a bad game, struggling, get ejected or something similar, they are very emotional and could possibly snap if something else were to bother them further. Hood probably saw the phone and was so disgusted with everything around him that he lashed out in anger without thinking too much.

Hood did say he regrets what happened, so that should prevent any further incident or backlash for what happened.