Jazz video: Donovan Mitchell reacts to Chris Paul's recent antics with refs, LeBron James' travel
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VIDEO: Jazz star Donovan Mitchell reacts to Chris Paul’s recent antics with refs, LeBron James’ travel

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Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell has become the latest player to chime in regarding the recent antics of Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul, who is widely considered to be one of the most intelligent and savvy players around.

Paul recently created some headlines due to his keen eye for NBA rules and regulations. In OKC’s match against the Minnesota Timberwolves, CP3 pointed out Jordan Bell’s untucked jersey — which led to the team’s second delay of the game call.

As a result of Paul’s actions, the Thunder were able to tie the game and ultimately come away as victors over the Timberwolves in overtime.

With many from around the league taking notice of such a play, Mitchell produced an interesting take when it came to the situation.

Bell was on the unfortunate end of the call made by the game’s officials while the play can be seen below. Notice that the Thunder are currently down only two points with just under 1.5 seconds left to play in regulation.

On the other hand, Mitchell also referred to a recent play that went uncalled on their end. Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James took about three steps without dribbling against the Jazz.

Although Paul — and obviously James — seemingly remains in a league of his own when it comes to his basketball IQ on the floor, the Jazz definitely have one of the league’s top up-and-comers when it comes to intelligent basketball in Mitchell.

Mitchell has quickly become an impressive young player, while his versatility all over the court makes it quite clear that he is often in control of the game.

As it stands today, the 13-10 Jazz sit just above the 10-12 Thunder and 10-12 Timberwolves in the Western Conference Standings.