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Jeff Garcia lobbies to be the 49ers’ next head coach

jeff garcia
CSN Bay Area Staff

Look no further 49ers, your next head coach is standing right in front of you!

Okay, so maybe there are a number of other options they’ll consider first, but if their top choices don’t accept, Jeff Garcia will be waiting for their call.

Garcia, who played five seasons in San Francisco from 1999-2003, is making his case for becoming the Niners’ fourth head coach in four years. The former Pro Bowler probably isn’t a serious candidate, with his only coaching experience coming as an offensive assistant in the CFL in 2014 and with the Rams in 2015.

But, according to Garcia, his passion and experience make him the proper fit for the challenge of restoring the 49ers to glory.

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From CSN Bay Area:

“The 17 years of professional football experience that I have in my backpocket, and the years of growing up around a father who was a head coach and just being around the game — have prepared me to be the leader of a football team. And that’s what this team needs — they need a leader of the football team.”

“They need somebody who is gonna come in and is not gonna take any trash; not gonna take any instability as far as the personality is concerned, and understand that this has to be about the team,” Garcia said. “It can’t be about your individual success, it can’t be about your individual contract; it’s gotta be about the team.

Garcia’s plea began just before the New Year when he posted this since deleted tweet:

jeff garcia

Twitter/Jeff Garcia

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