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Jets coach Adam Gase twists himself into knots trying to deny taking over play-calling duties

Adam Gase, Jets, Sam Darnold, Dowell Loggains

The New York Jets’ downward spiral continued on Sunday with an ugly 20-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins in Sam Darnold’s return under center. Things only got uglier after the game.

It had been reported before the game that Jets head coach Adam Gase was taking over play-calling duties. Gase tried to deny that in his postgame press conference … only to seemingly contradict himself at times:

Apparently, the media caught Jets offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains not doing much of anything on the sidelines. He was also spotted without a play sheet on hand, which was indicative of his almost nonexistent role.

Via Sporting News:

Adam Gase (AG): I didn’t take over — we’ve done the same thing the last four games.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: We were watching (offensive coordinator) Dowell (Loggains) through the whole game, he wasn’t doing anything, he was just … standing there.

AG: He tells me — it’s not hard, this is not hard — we go through it, the drive before. “Hey, these are the three plays.” I do the third downs.

Another Jets reporter pressed Gase on the matter:

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: So what happens after the three plays, when you have a series? ‘Cause we were watching one when Dowell was talking to (offensive line coach) Frank Pollack, and he wasn’t calling the plays, you were.

AG: What part of the game was it?

CH: I want to say that was the third quarter.

AG: Yeah, when we got down, I was trying to do some of the two-minute stuff.

None of this really matters at this point because the Jets losing is good for them and Gase is almost certainly fired after the season is over, but it’s just more indicative of what a disaster he has been as the head coach.

On the field, Jets quarterback Sam Darnold continued to struggle, throwing two picks and getting sacked three times. He was limited to 197 yards pass on 16-of-27 passes.

The blowout defeat made it 0-11 on the season for New York. On the other hand, the Dolphins improved to a 7-4 record to tighten their grip on the second spot of the AFC East.

The Jets will hope to get the play-calling issues behind them against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 13, though it doesn’t really matters who is calling the plays. New York is flat-out awful regardless.