The New York Jets could be remembered in NFL history for all of the wrong reasons this season. With four games remaining for all 32 teams, the Jets are favored by the PointsBet Sportsbook to finish the season with the dreaded 0-16 record.

New York is entering Week 14 with a dismal 0-12 record, and the remaining schedule isn't exactly favorable. The Jets close the season with the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns, and New England Patriots.

Altogether, the four teams New York still has on its schedule have a combined record of 31-17. As a result, PointsBet has the Jets at -120 odds to conclude the regular season with an 0-16 record. On the other hand, the sportsbook has given New York +100 odds to win a single game this season.

This past Sunday, it looked as if the Jets were going to secure their first win of the season against the Las Vegas Raiders. New York's defense made a stand inside the 10-yard line with under two minutes remaining in the game.

After the offense punted the ball back to the Raiders, the Jets still looked poised to earn their first victory. However, in typical Jets fashion, with 13 seconds remaining in the game, Derek Carr completed a 46-yard touchdown with ease due to a questionable defensive call from Gregg Williams.

Williams has since been fired, and the thoughts of New York winning a game this season have seemingly withered away. Seeing how sportsbooks view the Jets, it seems as if they share the same sentiment.