With the biggest off-season news so far coming today, Derrick Rose is as good as gone,  and will be in a different uniform the next time you see him on the court. Rose was traded just a day before the 2016 NBA Draft.

The blockbuster trade came unexpectedly, and now big changes are ahead for both the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks.

Despite rumors that Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler didn’t get along well (which they both denied), Butler was the very first of Rose’s teammates to send out a heartfelt message to his now former teammate, about how much he appreciates him.

Butler posted a goodbye message to Rose on his Instagram page. Given the content of the post, it would be hard to claim he hates Rose. Instead, it was all about respect. Just as it should be. Butler spoke of Rose as being a leader who taught him how to be a professional and a supportive teammate.

You can read the entire post below and on Butler’s Instagram page.

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