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Joe Ingles plans to give Gordon Hayward another ‘Wet Willie’ treatment

joe ingles

Earlier this summer, it was reported that Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles shouldered the $10,000 bill needed by a legally-blind Jazz fan to see clearly again.

This time around, it seems that Ingles is eyeing to impact another human being’s life through a different sensory organ. That person is Ingles’ former teammate Gordon Hayward, who should be warned that he’s about to get an Australian version of the ‘Wet Willie’, a popular prank, the next time he cross paths with Ingles.

Jazz fans have made Hayward leaving Salt Lake City for the Boston Celtics this offseason a big issue with some plotting ways on how to express their resentment of Hayward’s decision. One fan suggested to Ingles that it might be a great idea to play with Hayward’s hairdo. Ingles, however, had a much more interesting alternative, simply using a pair of emojis to let everybody know, including Hayward of what’s coming.

Ingles might have gotten that idea from an incident some years back when former Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West poked a finger in Hayward’s right ear.

In any case, it’s intriguing how fans and former teammates would treat Hayward when the Celtics pay Utah a visit next season.