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Joe Rogan explains his decision to use horse dewormer to treat COVID-19

Joe Rogan has become quite the controversial figure in recent times. A jack of all trades, he is known as a podcaster, UFC commentator, and comedian.’

Doctor’ is not one of the things on the list, that was confirmed once Joe Rogan announced he had contracted COVID-19. He drew a lot of criticism when he announced that he was using the horse dewormer, Ivermectin, to help treat it.

The controversy stems from the number of people that have been hospitalized after using the dewormer. Rogan has a huge influence with his podcast currently being the most popular in the world.

Joe Rogan made the announcement on his Instagram page and it didn’t take very long for the post to go viral. The post is currently at over six million views and even has a warning from Instagram that reads: ‘some unapproved COVID-19 treatments may cause serious harm.’

Rogan recently had standup comedian Tom Segura on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and the subject was brought up.

“Well I had this guy on, Dr. Pierre Kory; he’s from Frontline Covid Critical Care Workers,” Rogan said (transcription via LowKickMMA. “He’s a well-established doctor. Treated thousands of people with Covid. Early on in the pandemic, they found some good efficacy with ivermectin. He’s not the only doctor that told me to take it. Multiple doctors told me to take it.”

Whether the internet is satisfied with Joe Rogan’s explanation is yet to be seen. It certainly is an interesting situation with many still trying to figure out life with COVID-19 not showing any signs of disappearing.