Josh Richardson says his all-time favorite player is Scottie Pippen
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Josh Richardson says his all-time favorite player is Scottie Pippen

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The Miami Heat‘s young shooting guard Josh Richardson is still acclimating to the NBA. After a rather strong strong rookie season in South Beach last year, Richardson looks to try to continue to grow his talents and help rebuild the Heat franchise after the departure of star Dwayne Wade.

In a recent Twitter Q&A with his followers, Josh Richardson answered some pretty interesting questions like his favorite rapper and preferred pizza toppings. However, one of the more exciting questions Richardson answered was about his all-time favorite basketball player.

Josh Richardson’s favorite player

Heat fans can take pride in their young wingman choosing Scottie Pippen as his favorite player. The Chicago Bulls six-time champion is highly considered to be one of the all-time greats to ever play the game.

Richardson emulating Pippen?

One aspect of Pippen’s game that is already starting to show up in Richardson is the knack for high quality defense. Pippen was one the best defenders in the NBA, while Richardson has just begun to give Heat fans a little taste at his natural talent on the defensive end of the court.

There is still a very long way for Richardson to go in the league, as well as being compared to his favorite player Scottie Pippen. But if last year was just a preview into what Richardson can do, Miami has a lot to look forward to in their future.

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