Lakers news: JR Smith reveals the best dancer on their squad
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JR Smith reveals the best dancer on the Lakers squad

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Newly-minted Los Angeles Lakers guard JR Smith has spent some good amount of time with his new teammates. So much so that he knows who the best on the team is – at dancing.

Smith spoke with Allie Clifton of Spectrum SportsNet where they talked about some not-so-serious basketball matters. One of the questions that Smith reflected on was: who’s the best dancer on the Lakers? Smith initially chose LeBron James but backpedaled, pointing out that it’s going to be a showdown between James and Dwight Howard.

Note that Smith had been teammates with James for four years in Cleveland. So he’s pretty familiar with the King’s dance moves and what he’s capable of. So the mere mention of Howard as one of the best dancer’s in the team is already a great compliment.

But on a more serious note, the majority of Lakers fans were excited after news broke out that the team signed Smith for the rest of the season. After all, on top of his sweet shooting stroke, his experience with playing with James is seen as his primary asset. Not to mention his significant playoff experience includes one title ring and four trips to the NBA Finals.

Of course, no one will forget his NBA Finals blunder which cost them the game and probably the series. Smith was and still is the subject of memes because of that. But all things considered, JR brings a pretty hefty resume. There’s a pretty good reason why, despite what people perceive of him, the Lakers still chose to acquire Smith.