Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba is currently confronted with the looming threat of a substantial four-year ban from football, marking a dramatic turn in his career trajectory, reported by GOAL. The investigation into Pogba's failed drugs test, initiated after a Serie A encounter with Udinese on August 20, has concluded, revealing elevated levels of testosterone in his system. Subsequently, a B sample confirmed the initial findings in October, prompting a swift ban from all football-related activities.

The Anti-Doping Prosecutor's Office has diligently scrutinized the case, culminating in a request for a four-year suspension for the World Cup-winning French midfielder. The severity of this potential ban places significant uncertainty on Pogba's future in the sport, given the extended duration that such a suspension entails.

Amid this challenging period, Pogba, currently serving an indefinite suspension, has redirected his focus towards a personalized fitness regimen. However, questions linger over when he will receive the green light for a competitive return, adding an element of suspense to his career trajectory. Pogba is definietly planning on a return to the field.

What's next for Paul Pogba at Juventus?

Paul Pogba in front of the Juventus logo

As the 30-year-old midfielder and his legal team deliberate on the next steps, the prospect of a plea bargain, aimed at mitigating the severity of the sentence, remains a plausible avenue. Simultaneously, Juventus, the club that Pogba currently represents, faces pivotal decisions regarding his contract, scheduled to run until the summer of 2026. The outcome of this complex situation will inevitably reverberate throughout Pogba's career and cast a shadow over the footballing landscape.