Kentucky basketball looks a like a shell of its former self, and it has fans worried. The Wildcats lost Oscar Tshiebwe to the NBA Draft but do not seem to have a clear-cut successor. Chris Livingston's departure was also a big hit for John Calipari as they start roster building from scratch.

John Calipari and Kentucky Basketball's Roster

Kentucky is in a tough situation as they have yet to add anyone from the transfer portal despite multiple exits. Coach John Calipari had to clear up rumors by going on Twitter to release a statement.

“We support all of our players as they weigh their options and pursue their dreams and it’s my job to make sure these kids are making informed decisions. It may not be what you think or I think – but it’s informed. But that also makes it hard to move until you really know what your roster is going to be. We’ve prepared for all scenarios and now we can move forward,” Calipari declared in support of his players hoping to get called on June 22.

The NBA Draft is not the only reason why players are leaving Kentucky basketball. Calipari awaits Antonio Reeves' transfer decision amid all these players leaving. The star shooter for Kentucky basketball has received offers from Memphis and Illinois. He spoke about the culture he wanted before any other additions or withdrawals to the roster.

“We want players who want this culture, who care about winning, understand what it means to play at Kentucky – both how hard and how rewarding it is – and have the ultimate drive to win and succeed on the biggest stage, which helps everyone. We have a talented group right now which isn’t finished yet, but when it’s done we will have a talented team who will chase the ultimate goal together and make #BBN proud,” John Calipari said with certainty as the Wildcats head for an intense offseason.

There is nothing to do but trust the championship-winning pedigree that John Calipari imparts to the Wildcats.