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Kevin Durant responds to DeMarcus Cousins’ video tirade at reporter

DeMarcus Cousins Kevin Durant
David Banks/USA TODAY Sports

DeMarcus Cousins made headlines for all the wrong reasons last night when he approached a reporter from the Sacramento Bee and cussed him out for a column he wrote which mentioned Cousins’ brother.

The Kings center doesn’t have the greatest reputation and incidents like this aren’t helping.

Whether or not Cousins was in the wrong, everyone is offering up their take on the situation, including Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors.

Durant was taken aback some with the video as most of us were. But KD brings up a good point as well noting that writing about a player’s family is not the best thing.

The relationship between players and the media is sometimes tricky. When the coverage is critical, it’s natural for players to not like that and respond back in an effort to stand up for themselves. It’s not that easy to just not let it bother you.

Durant knows all about this all too well. He developed a friendship with Cousins playing for Team USA over the summer and maybe can offer up some advice to him regarding this situation now and the best way to handle it.

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