Kevin Durant will star in another movie coming out soon
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Kevin Durant will star in another movie coming out soon

Kevin Durant

Following his successful first season with the Golden State Warriors and winning the first title in his NBA career, Kevin Durant has agreed this summer to another two-year deal with the team, this time taking less money to help keep its core intact. However, that’s not the only thing keeping the Finals MVP busy these days.

Durant has another movie coming out next week, with the title “Still KD.” It is an inside look at his road to becoming a champion, including the hardships he went through growing up. He released its trailer on his YouTube channel recently, and gave his fans a sneak peek of it.

This is the second flick of Durant, as he also starred in “Thunderstruck” back in 2012. It was a comedy and fantasy movie, unlike “Still KD” which is a documentary of his growing years, until winning a championship last June. It is expected to be watched by a lot of his fans, as it will show some never before seen footage of himself as a kid, and even some interviews that were not released.

The movie is scheduled to come out on July 11, and will be shown in selected cinemas around the country.