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Video: NBA impersonator nails recently retired Kevin Garnett

It was only fair with the news of Kevin Garnett‘s retirement decision that Brandon Armstrong, aka the “NBA impersonator,” would do a clip of the Big Ticket’s greatest hits.

Armstrong mimics Garnett’s signature pick-and-pop game that’s made him so recognizable throughout his career.

He also captured KG’s knack for getting tangled up with opposing players and the endless trash-talking and taunting after a bucket.

And of course, how could he miss the signature “N.B.A.” moniker of “no baskets allowed” after the whistle blows, which he made so popular upon his arrival to the Boston Celtics.

Kevin Garnett has surely left his mark in the league throughout his 21 years in the league. The 40-year-old Timberwolf will be missed along with all the antics that helped shape the bloom of a new era.

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