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Report: Sacramento Kings dismissing all calls for DeMarcus Cousins

For awhile now, and especially after the Sacramento Kings‘ decisions on Draft Day that DeMarcus Cousins seemed to publicly react negatively to, there have been talks and speculations of a trade out of Sacramento.

It is not news that DeMarcus Cousins has a personality that differs from the average NBA player. Some consider it bad, others consider it a competitive fire. But when it comes to quality big men, he is definitely holding one of the top spots on the active player list.

Cousins’ NBA career has reflected that, and so did his latest appearance in the Rio Olympics. Now back with a gold medal around his neck, it is time to conclude this discussion whether or not he will be traded. He definitely wasn’t happy about Kings drafting other big men instead of trying to improve their backcourt and he took his disappointment to Twitter.

However, since then Cousins has not shown signs of wanting out of Sacramento. In contrast, he does seem dedicated to the franchise and prepared to lead the team once again.

He has spoken positively about the hiring of Coach Dave Joerger and seems to be in agreement with the Kings front office about continuing their journey together. At least for now that is; Cousins will be a free agent in 2018, but that is something to worry about in the future.

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders:

“Incoming calls from other teams have been dismissed. There seems to be zero desire to even talk about a Cousins trade from the Kings’ side. Unless things are just brutally bad out of the gate, the Kings likely play out the first season under Coach Joerger and make decisions from there once they know more.”

When we talk about DeMarcus Cousins we cannot be certain about any of his future decisions. He definitely has some things to say and looks on ways to improve the team surrounding him, but there are also things that he likes and enjoys. Concerning the Kings, they are definitely trying to keep their star center and find ways to get the best out of him.

As things stand right now, it looks like DeMarcus and Kings are not meant to be separated this season.

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