Iman Shumpert addresses whirlwind of rumors surrounding him
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Iman Shumpert addresses whirlwind of rumors surrounding him

Iman Shumpert of the Sacramento Kings has slammed the rumors surrounding he and his wife, singer Teyana Taylor.

Via Twitter, Shumpert posted a series of photos ripping a news article which claimed that he, Taylor, and adult film star Alby Rydes had a threesome which resulted in the latter’s pregnancy. In his message below, Shumpert indicates his intention to pursue legal action. He also asked those who followed him solely to troll or receive an update about the said rumor to hit the unfollow button.

Taylor, who has since deleted her Instagram account due to the trolls, addressed the rumors via Twitter. In her message below, she claimed that she has never seen Rydes. She also noted that her husband wouldn’t do such a thing.

Below is another Tweet from Taylor, reiterating that her husband won’t dare cheat on her.

Rydes, for her part, posted an Instagram story to address the rumors. Just like Shumpert and Taylor, Rydes shut down the rumors. According to her, she got pregnant with the baby from the man she was dating, and that man is not Shumpert. Finally, she asked everyone to stop spreading fake news and to leave her alone.

Shumpert is in his eighth year in the NBA, averaging 9.1 points in 25.6 minutes per game with the Kings this year. The 28-year-old has improved his three-point shooting to 37.9 percent this year.