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Mike Malone hopes Sacramento’s front office won’t ‘screw’ things up for Dave Joerger

Kings, Mike Malone

Prior to their meeting on Thursday, Denver Nuggets head coach Mike Malone told Mike Singer of the Denver Post that he hopes that the Sacramento Kings front office doesn’t “screw it up” for Kings head coach Dave Joerger.

Malone spoke to the Denver Post’s Mike Singer earlier this week about his time in Sacramento, telling Singer that he wished things had been different.

He had a good team with DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas but management could never bring in the right players to get over the hump. He had no regrets, though he was fired after little more than a season with the team, but he knows that the Kings front office has been notorious for making questionable decisions and what happened to him could happen to Joerger.

The Kings have played beyond anyone’s expectations for them this season. Point guard De’Aaron Fox has stepped up in his sophomore season and has really improved from his rookie venture. He’s beating players off-the-dribble consistently and is a deadly weapon in the pick-and-roll that seems to know exactly when to dish it out to the roller.

Rookie Marvin Bagley III has played fairly decent as well. He isn’t as dominant as he was in college but he’s still able to bully people in the paint and get baskets off of post-ups. Additionally, shooting guard Buddy Hield is having the best season of his career and is a legitimate three-point threat, one of the best in the NBA with a three-point percentage of 42.9.

The Kings run with such fast pace (103.9, second in the NBA) that they’re simply outworking and outrunning teams. They use their youth and athleticism to their advantage, beating teams who don’t work as hard as they do.

The Kings are 19-18 on the season and currently sit 9th in the NBA’s Western Conference.