The talent-laden team of the Sacramento Kings cannot seem to catch a break. On the court, despite having promising young talents in Buddy Hield, De’Aaron Fox, Harry Giles, and Marvin Bagley III, without a true superstar or without someone on their roster emerging as one, underachieving will be a staple for years to come for the franchise. The Kings are aware of the dire situation of their team, and so are the fans. Despite the position they are in, there are fans out there who still believe in the franchise.

But if there is something that the fans should believe in, it is definitely the social media team of the Sacramento Kings. Just like this tweet, they should be every reason why they should be regarded.

Although it was a heartfelt tweet of a fan never losing hope regarding the backward status of the franchise, the hilarious response was a brilliant parody on the Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum’s response to an Internet troll.

In a more serious note, the Kings are taking their rebuilding stage in stride. However, their starless roster is slowly sinking them into irrelevance as each season passes. They can package the right mix of young talent and assets to snag a top-tier talent in the league.

It has been quite a while for Sacramento to be labeled the lesser California franchise. As they have toiled years in the obscurity tanking seasons, making a really big splash this season would not be a surprise. In a superstar-driven league, the Kings need a marquee name fast or else face the reality of being the forgotten franchise in the league.