It's safe to say the NBA In-Season Tournament has been a success. However, it did uncover a wrinkle that NBA players are not accustomed to. With the point differential being the primary factor of the tiebreaker, teams have been running up the score for the chance to advance in the tournament. That's exactly what the New York Knicks needed to do on Tuesday to get the wildcard spot in the quarterfinals and quite frankly, Josh Hart isn't really a fan of it.

“It was interesting. I don't really like it,” he said. “We were focused, at first, just about winning. The last couple of minutes it feels weird. At a certain point, you just start chasing points, doing all that. So it kind of messes with the integrity of the game a little bit.”

The Knicks booked the wildcard spot in the East after they defeated the Charlotte Hornets, 115-91 on the final night of the group stage. They finished second in Group B behind the Milwaukee Bucks with a 3-1 record. The Cleveland Cavaliers also finished with the same mark but had a lower point differential, which gave the Knicks the wildcard spot.

This has definitely become a hot topic around the NBA, especially near the end of the group stage. Teams are just starting to realize that they need to stack up the points if they want a chance to go to Las Vegas for the Finals of the NBA In-Season Tournament.

Nonetheless, the Knicks and the rest of the NBA don't need to worry about this anymore now that the group stage is done. Hart and the Knicks will visit the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday, December 5th for their Knockout round game.