Madison Square Garden is always one of the most positively reviewed arenas in all of basketball. The New York Knicks' home is always popping when the team is good, which it finally is now after a long stretch of being dormant.

Opposing players talk all the time about how special it is to play at MSG. Great opposing players from Michael Jordan to Stephen Curry have had signature performances there. When the home stars like Carmelo Anthony and Jalen Brunson delivered big wings, the energy skyrockets. For players like Josh Hart, who just finished his first full season as a Knick, it becomes a comfortable home quickly.

In an appearance on The Pivot, Hart was asked if being in a high-profile environment like The Garden is distracting. The Knicks wing said that it wasn’t but did offer some positives and negatives about playing there.

“Playing in the Garden is a good and bad thing, right,” he said, “because [when] you're the home team [and] you're good, it’s lit. The energy, it's crazy, all that kind of stuff. But then, on the flip side, everybody wants to play at the Garden. Dudes will, like, if they see New York on the schedule and they’re nursing a little injury, [they say], ‘Alright, let me sit out the game or two before to make sure I’m right to go to the Garden.’ You’ll be having random dudes just go off. They’ll be like, ‘It’s my time.’ They go out there and get 30, 40, 50 and you’ll be looking like, ‘Man, he don’t do this.’”

Madison Square Garden's popularity works for and against Knicks' favor, per Josh Hart

Hart experienced this himself in his career before joining the Knicks, which was spent entirely in the Western Conference with the Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans and Portland Trail Blazers. He recalls being ready to play each time he visited New York. Now, as a Knick himself, he has to keep that in mind each time he takes the court for a game at The Garden.

“You always want to compete in The Garden,” Hart said. The Knicks of the past were hardly able to tamp down their opponents' desire to put on a show in New York. Now that they’re a good team again, they can defend their home court much more effectively.

The Knicks' 27-14 home record last regular season wasn’t anything all that special. It tied the Houston Rockets for eighth-best in the NBA. Their winning percentage of 71.4 at MSG in this year's playoffs ranks fourth behind only the Orlando Magic (who played just three home games), Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers.

As the Knicks prepare to get better — or at least keep their tip-top roster in place — the atmosphere at MSG is only going to grow. The arena is still getting plenty of big crowds for the New York Rangers, who are fighting to advance to the Stanley Cup Final and will play their next home game on Thursday. Hart said that there’s “no better place” than Madison Square Garden.