While this post is focused on Kyrie Irving and his heroics in Game 5 last night, we must first acknowledge the performance of LeBron James. His 41 points, 16 rebounds, seven assists, three blocks, and three steals were historically great; he's the first player to do that in the Finals since Magic Johnson.

Let's get to Irving. After a fairly pedestrian first four games of the Finals as a whole, Kyrie went off for 41 points in Game 5 as well while dishing out six assists and grabbing three rebounds.

Out of the 24 shots that Kyrie took, he made 17, including 5-of-7 from three-point range. Together, those numbers gave Irving an outstanding effective field goal percentage for the night.

Effective FG% takes into account the added value of making a 3-pointer to a 2-pointer, adjusting the percentage for somebody who excels from outside. Irving's proficiency within and outside of the arc was just ridiculous last evening.

For as incredibly bad as Harrison Barnes was, Irving was that incredibly good.

Even if Irving excels in Game 6, it will be hard to replicate this statistic again in such a big game. Game 6 between the Warriors and Cavs is on Thursday, June 16th at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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