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Lakers news: Julius Randle ‘drastically’ improved his jump shot, got better at absorbing contact

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Julius Randle has made small improvements since coming into the league as a raw athletic product out of the University of Kentucky. Now coming into his fourth NBA season, the young power forward has made the biggest jump yet, according to his trainer Amoila Cesar, who discussed his client’s areas of improvement that should start to show results in this upcoming season.

“You’re going to see that No. 1 he’s always going to be the best-conditioned guy on the court. You’re going to see more rebounding. A lot more on the defensive end, that’s for sure,” Cesar said as a guest on the Lakers Film Room podcast. “Another thing that you’re going to see is that he’s going to make smarter choices. I think when fatigue kicks in that has a lot to do with some of his miscues on the court.”

The lefty bulldozing big man has been known as a score-and-board asset, but has added a smooth jumper to go with it, according to Cesar — giving him a whole different dimension when guarded on the court.

“His jump shot has improved drastically and I’ve seen it. He’s hitting a lot of threes,” Cesar said.

Teammate Brandon Ingram was also another Laker who re-designed his jump shot (hello Lonzo Ball?) after growing two inches over the summer.

Julius Randle won’t be merely using his physicality as an intimidation factor, but putting it to use, as he’s now able to absorb contact better and finish through it for more and-one opportunities.

“One of his biggest concerns was being able to absorb the contact as he’s going to the rim, and that’s one of his biggest improvements is playing more controlled,” Cesar said. “You’ll see this year he’s going to play a lot more under control, with more precision. He’s playing with a purpose.”