Lakers news: Lonzo Ball, Lance Stephenson drop new song called 'Swerve'
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Lakers’ Lonzo Ball, Lance Stephenson drop new song called ‘Swerve’

Lonzo Ball, Lance Stephenson, Lakers

A couple of members of the Los Angeles Lakers have decided to put the All-Star break to good use by releasing a new musical collaboration that is primed to set the hip-hop scene on fire.

Sophomore guard Lonzo Ball and veteran journeyman Lance Stephenson have just dropped a new song entitled “Swerve,” which is primarily about “swerving” other members of the opposite sex in favor of their respective significant others.

Jacob Rude of Lonzo Wire gives a more in-depth take on the new single that is literally hot off the press.

Okay, I may have been exaggerating when I said that this song has the potential to shake up the world of hip-hop, but honestly, this is actually a pretty dope jam. Ball may not be on the same level of Dame D.O.L.L.A. when it comes to rapping, but he is not at all terrible. Stephenson also holds his own in this one, and the duo has actually come out with something rather special here.

It appears that Ball has been doing a bit of extracurricular activity on the side as he continues to nurse his injured ankle, and looking at the bright side, at least he has been productive. Stephenson himself has not been one of the most important players on the Lakers team this season, so perhaps he too has some extra time on his hands.

Unfortunately for these two, though, it has not been smooth sailing for their team. Despite recently getting LeBron James back from injury following a lengthy spell on the sidelines due to a groin issue, the Lakers have still been pretty bad.

Los Angeles has lost four out of its last five games, which includes two blowout defeats at the hands of the Victor Oladipo-less Indiana Pacers on Feb. 5 (136-94) and the Philadelphia 76ers on Feb. 10 (143-120). James suited up for both games, by the way.

All-Star Weekend has been a welcome break for the struggling Lakers, and they will definitely look to get back to winning ways after the festivities, starting with a home game against the Houston Rockets on Thursday.