Lakers news: Anthony Davis explains what Los Angeles must do to win a championship
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Anthony Davis explains what Lakers must do to win a championship

Anthony Davis, Lakers

New Los Angeles Lakers recruit Anthony Davis is not kidding around. So much so, that the 26-year-old is already talking about what he thinks L.A. must do in order to go all the way and win the championship this coming season.

Speaking to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Davis highlighted what he believes to be the two most important things the Lakers must accomplish in the new campaign in order for them to get a legitimate shot at the title.

“If we stay healthy, there’s no limit,” Davis told Yahoo Sports. “We have the team to win a championship. We have the coaching staff to win, but we’ve got to come in with the right mindset and that all starts in training camp all the way through preseason and all the way through the regular season. We have to make sure we come in with the same mindset no matter who we’re playing. It should be about us. Not about the opponent, not about anything else outside the locker room. If we’re all about us and all about what we need to do to win, then we’ll be fine.”

Davis had an injury-marred outing last season, playing in only 56 games, while new teammate LeBron James was also out for a significant period last term. Should these two superstars avoid any serious injuries throughout the new season, then surely, the Lakers will have a fighting chance.

As Davis also mentioned, the type of mentality the Lakers will possess throughout the season will be equally important.

The good news here is that L.A. have a ton of veterans on their side, and with LeBron leading the way, this should be something that is very much achievable.