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Lakers star Anthony Davis is pumped to see Aaron Rodgers back with Packers

anthony davis aaron rodgers lakers packers

Despite hailing from Chicago, Los Angeles Lakers All-Star Anthony Davis is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. Not surprisingly, AD is amped to see Green Bay’s MVP quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, report to Packers’ training camp on Tuesday.

“Just when they thought it was over!” Davis wrote on his Instagram story, along with several cheese emojis.

Davis tagged a slew of Packers players in his post, including Rodgers, wide receivers Davante Adams and Allen Lazard, running back Aaron Jones, outside linebacker Zadarius Smith, and tight end Marcedes Lewis.


After a tense, months-long stalemate between Rodgers and the Packers, the two sides reached an agreement that convinced Rodgers to show up for his 17th season in Green Bay — surpassing franchise legends Bart Starr and Brett Favre for most seasons under-center for the Cheeseheads.

The Packers agreed to make multiple concessions to Rodgers’ contract, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, including voiding the final year (2023) and agreeing to revisit his situation after the season.

During the spring, Davis’ Lakers teammate, Kyle Kuzma, didn’t hold back clowning AD about Rodgers’ rift with the Pack.

During a Twitch stream in May, Davis briefly addressed Rodgers’ situation during a Call of Duty session.

“Man, I don’t want to talk about Aaron Rodgers right now,” Davis said on the livestream. “Come on chat, don’t do that to me. I thought we were better than that. You know how I feel about that. … But if anybody understands, you know I understand.”

In Jan. 2020, Davis explained his Packers fandom, saying he had friends on the team around the same time he was truly getting into the NFL.

The amended agreement between the Packers and Rodgers sets up the QB and Madden 22 99-rated Davante Adams — embattled in his own contract issues with the organization — for their own “Last Dance” with Green Bay. Like the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, the Packers are armed with championship-caliber talent. As for the 2021-22 Lakers? Remains to be seen.