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Anthony Davis’ most crucial offseason move, per Lakers icon Robert Horry

Anthony Davis Robert Horry Lakers

To say that the NBA season didn’t turn out the way the Los Angeles Lakers hope it would is the understatement of the year. Anthony Davis’ injury just minutes into Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns basically summed up their season from hell.

Lakers icon Robert Horry recently appeared on The Ryen Russillo Podcast to discuss what Anthony Davis needs to do differently. The 7-time NBA champion didn’t mince words in what the exact move was:

“Get rid of his trainer.. I don’t know if he had the same trainer from the moment he came into the NBA. And if he has, he needs to get rid of him because his trainer is not preparing him for 82 games. I know last year was 72 and they had a shortened offseason, but I’m just talking about overall, because he’s had a history of injuries,” said Horry.

Whoever Anthony Davis’ trainer is, he better start looking for other gigs if Horry gets in the Lakers star’s ear. But in all seriousness, AD may be preparing for the season, but perhaps it would bode him well to try other methods to see if his body responds better to unconventional workouts he might have never tried before. At this stage of his career, he’s definitely run the gamut of workouts, so maybe something unorthodox can stimulate him into a healthier season.

Horry added further that AD need not look far for inspiration, as LeBron James could be the key for the Lakers big man. The two obviously spend a ton of time together, but perhaps picking Bron’s brain even more could do the trick?

“He needs to say, ‘Hey LeBron, we’re both in LA. What you do, I’m going to do.’ Because LeBron has been pretty much an ironman until he had a freak accident.. the NBA season starts in the offseasons, how you prepare your body, and how you prepare for the 82-game grind.”

In all likelihood, Anthony Davis has looked into every possible method to stay healthy. But the point stands from Robert Horry, that so far nothing’s worked. Hopefully, the Lakers star finds the perfect remedy to his injury woes as he enters the prime of his career.