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Anthony Davis won’t be used at center more even with DeMarcus Cousins out

Anthony Davis, Lakers, DeMarcus Cousins

In the wake of DeMarcus Cousins’s torn ACL injury, his would-be frontcourt partner Anthony Davis is not expected to play, nor do the Los Angeles Lakers want him to log more minutes at center, according to Jared Greenberg of NBA TV.

The Lakers only have one true center in JaVale McGee and while he likely prospects as the starter amid this crushing injury to his teammate, someone else will be forced to play the spare minutes at the center position. Davis is more than capable of handling that, as he has during his time in New Orleans, yet playing that position comes with the toll of banging against bigger bodies and making the star spend more energy than he expected.

The Brow will already have to take a part of the scoring load on his shoulders, but rebounding, boxing out, and defending bigger bodies at the center position can be taking for a player that excels as a weak side defender, getting at the end of steals and meeting shots at the rim.

Davis will still have to play center at some point, but it’s likely the Lakers could apply for a disabled player exception if Cousins is bound to miss the entire season, using that money toward the signing of a free agent center like Joakim Noah, Nene, or Zaza Pachulia.

The Lakers could also try to trade for a player, but that situation becomes murky after having emptied their talent pool in the trade for Davis.