Lakers news: Baron Davis says Lonzo Ball is the type LeBron James wants
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Baron Davis says Lonzo Ball is the type LeBron James wants

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Now that the offseason is here, everyone wants to know where LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is going. He was noncommittal about staying in Cleveland, and is an unrestricted free agent this summer. According to at least one man, Lonzo Ball is an important part of what happens next.

Many think James is destined to play in Los Angeles with the Lakers. That may or may not be true, depending who is talking about the topic on any given day during any given show or podcast. But former player Baron Davis seems to think James and L.A. will be a thing because of the presence of Lonzo Ball.

Per Josh Martin of Lonzo Wire, relaying a visit Davis made on Colin Cowherd’s show.

“Lonzo is a good player, and I think Lonzo is the type of player that a player like LeBron would love to play with,” Baron Davis said, “because he passes the ball. He has great instincts, he’s a really good player, he’s efficient, right? And the things that he’s not, the things that he’s inefficient in, he makes up.”

In all of the years LeBron James has been in the NBA, he has never played with a player like Lonzo Ball. The best point guard James has played with was Kyrie Irving, but Irving is more of a scorer. Ball, on the other hand, is a pass-first guy.

There’s no indication that Ball will be the key to James signing with the Lakers. If he wants to join the likes of Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and the others, he will go.

But the idea of playing with Ball must intrigue James, if only a little bit. Time will tell, and that time is drawing near. Of course, it is not even the NBA Draft, so we will know more in just a few days.