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Lakers veteran Carmelo Anthony reveals top secret Darko Milicic strategy in 2003

carmelo anthony, lakers, darko milicic

Los Angeles Lakers forward Carmelo Anthony and Darko Milicic’s names will forever be brought up in “what if” conversations together. Milicic was the surprise draft pick by the Detroit Pistons in 2003, leaving Anthony with the Denver Nuggets at No. 3.

Being the competitor that he is, Anthony sought workouts with Milicic heading into the draft. This could’ve changed the mind of the Pistons’ brass, but the Serbian big man lived up to his billing as 2003’s mystery man.

In an appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast, Anthony recalled the hunt for Darko and the way he was tactically hidden in workouts.

“I was looking to go train and workout against and with Darko prior to the draft, especially when I knew Detroit had the No. 2 pick. And I could never find him. They used to hide him in the gym…Nobody could see his workouts. I was like, wherever he’s at I want to workout with him and against him for that team.”

Anthony believed he was bound for Motor City, but he needed to convince Detroit in an eye test alongside Milicic.

“I actually thought I was going to Detroit. I just knew I was going to Detroit.”

Carmelo Anthony had a remarkable debut season, even though he bowed out to LeBron James in a tight race for the Rookie of the Year award. Meanwhile, Darko Milicic became an NBA champion with the Pistons.

The veteran forward will get his chance at winning a title with the Lakers this season. It’s probably the best shot he’s ever had in his career.