Lakers news: Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady react to Kevin Durant's comments on LeBron James
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Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady react to Kevin Durant’s comments on Lakers star LeBron James

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Kevin Durant dropped a bombshell of a take on why star players have taken a pass at the chance of playing next to Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. Former teammate Chris Bosh and former NBA star Tracy McGrady weighed Durant’s comment on the latest edition of ESPN’s The Jump.

“Kevin knows the game,” said Bosh. “He’s played with LeBron, actually — they’ve won a gold medal together. Any time you play with great players, you’re going to have to adjust; point blank, period. Even if I was to play with KD, I’m gonna have to change. LeBron is pretty good, so I don’t think it’s worth battling and trying to do more than what you have to do.

He’s going to take a lot of the load — yeah, you’re going to have to change your game sometimes, but there’s also aspects to what you can come to him and ask him to change your game.”

Kevin Durant argued that the fit alongside LeBron James isn’t for everyone, as shooters and role players benefit from the partnership, while star players that are used to get a share of the ball-handling would be obscured by James’ on-ball wizardry. Bosh basically politely agreed with Durant’s take on the Lakers forward, while lauding his former teammate’s greatness. T-Mac, on the other hand, wasn’t.

“There is some truth about what KD said, I don’t agree wholeheartedly,” said McGrady. “I think a player like Kyrie and a bunch of shooters, I think LeBron loves playing with that guy. I think the third guy is the one making the adjustment. I don’t think that if you pair Kawhi with LeBron that he’s gonna have to make an adjustment.”

An Eastern Conference vice president told Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report that LeBron James “sucks up all the oxygen in the room” — a clear message about the implications of playing alongside a star of such magnitude and gravity.

The King’s arrival with the Lakers saw nothing but mere role players join him this past summer, as Paul George elected to re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kawhi Leonard now is rumored to decide between his current team, the Toronto Raptors, or the L.A. Clippers once his free agency rolls around.