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Chris Broussard predicts LeBron James will win MVP in first season with Lakers

LeBron James Chris Broussard

Chris Broussard is predicting big things for LeBron James in Los Angeles. He went on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and discussed his expectations for LeBron James’ first season in a Lakers uniform.

Broussard said:

“This is my prediction for next year. Fifty-three wins and LeBron’s the MVP.”

Broussard went on to discuss LeBron’s future and whether or not he can maintain his elite level of play. There hasn’t been any drop in his performance and there’s no reason to believe that there will be any dropoff next season.

To be fair, LeBron is in the conversation for MVP almost every season. He doesn’t win it every year, but from the standpoint of what player is most “valuable” to his team, LeBron is almost always a good choice.

He hasn’t won the MVP since the 2012-13 season, but it almost seems like he doesn’t win because people come to expect this level of dominance from him.

He’s almost penalized for being too good. In his 15th year in the NBA, he may have had his best season yet. That’s scary to think about.

Broussard’s prediction for a fifth MVP isn’t a hot take at all. James will be going head to head with all the heavy hitters in the Western Conference next season. If he can lead the Lakers to a successful season, he’ll definitely find himself in the mix for the MVP.

A 53-win season would likely mean that James put together a fantastic year—possibly an MVP-type season.