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Danny Green compares Anthony Davis to Tim Duncan


Anthony Davis has yet to get a full year of tenure in a Los Angeles Lakers jersey, yet teammate Danny Green is already comparing him to one of the NBA’s greats at his position. Green, who spent the bulk of his career as a member of the San Antonio Spurs, drew the comparison to Tim Duncan, a gifted defender with an uncanny instinct for being at the right place at the right time.

“Tim, he made it easy to play defense. I was spoiled. We didn’t have to say anything,” said Green of the future Hall of Famer, according to Jared Dubin of The Ringer. “We knew when to switch. We know how to make calls. We would just see Tim step up and I would go to his man or vice versa.

“I realized how tough it was playing with other bigs. Serge [Ibaka] was pretty good. Marc [Gasol] was great too. But it’s a different type of communication, different type of thing. Even with Dwight [Howard] and JaVale [McGee], it’s still different. [I’m] still learning them. But because they’re so athletic and protect the rim so easily, it makes it easier to do my job.”

Green sees the Lakers big man as his next Tim Duncan, considering his basketball intellect and natural ability.

“AD is high IQ and a good communicator,” said Green. “I think me and him, in pick-and-roll situations, has been a very good scenario for us most of the time. Because he’s able to switch. I’m able to switch on the big and try to keep him off the glass.”

Green went as far as to say Davis is “like a younger version, more athletic version of Tim.”

Duncan was 34 and in the dawn of his career with the Spurs in 2010-11, the first year Green played with the team. The roles have since reversed, with the 32-year-old Green being the experienced hand guiding the 26-year-old Davis, who has a lot more to tap into as he comes into his prime.