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Lakers’ DeMarcus Cousins says coaches will decide if he starts at the beginning of the season

Lakers, DeMarcus Cousins

Earlier today, Los Angeles Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins said that he is fully healed and ready to play 82 games once the regular season rolls around. Obviously, Cousins would ideally complete this feat as a starter. However, he is leaving the decision on whether he starts or not up to the coaching staff, and will not complain no matter how the chips fall.

Cousins has been a starter for nearly his entire career. The last time that Cousins came off the bench in the regular season was in 2012. More recently, he came off the bench for the Golden State Warriors after coming back from a quad injury.

Cousins was one of the most dominant centers in the game before his Achilles injury. If he can prove that he can still play at that level, it would be silly for the Lakers not to start such a dominant player. However, Cousins still has to show the team that he can perform at the level he was once at.

During his most recent NBA showing, Cousins was wildly up and down. He played an excellent Game 2 in the NBA Finals but faded significantly after that. More importantly, he looked a step slow, lumbering through defensive switches and rotations.

Now, Boogie claims he is fully healed and ready to roll. Hopefully, he can shrug off the two devastating injuries he faced and go back to dominating the league once again.