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Lakers fans roast man who burns LeBron James, Anthony Davis jerseys after they kneel for anthem

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The players and the coaches of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers took a knee during the playing of the national anthem prior to their matchup on Thursday night. This did not bode well for one particular Los Angeles Lakers supporter, though, who decided to burn his LeBron James and Anthony Davis jerseys after seeing both guys kneel during the anthem.

This random fan even decided to post his burning video on Facebook, which, as expected, garnered more than a little bit of criticism from other Lakers supporters.

They knelt during the National AnthemI won’t be purchasing anymore trash Nike made by the Communist Regime in China

Posted by James Berry on Thursday, July 30, 2020

While much of America has been united against the issue of systemic racism, the act of keeling during the national anthem is a subject that is still polarizing. It is clear where this particular fan stands with regards to this matter, and he decided to show his disdain by a rather extreme act of defiance.

First off, he used way too much gas here, and he almost came close to committing arson. We’re exaggerating, of course, but you could clearly see how the flames came so close to the camera before he decided to put out the fire.

It came to no surprise that the fan ended up as the one being roasted. Most folks were intent on pointing out how this man literally just burned his own money with his act of “stupidity.” Others went a bit more extreme, though.

“Your dumb and ignorant af we dont need your dumb ass as a fan burn your hands next time” said one of the harsher comments, while another one told the fan that “there are easier ways to let people know you are an idiot but okay.”

A lot of the other comments are more NSFW than we can share on here, so if you’re in for a few laughs, definitely take a few minutes to scroll down the comments section.