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Jared Dudley slams Twitter troll for shading his role with Lakers

Jared Dudley, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have followed through on the preseason hype thus far by securing the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, thanks to their healthy balance of players from LeBron James to Jared Dudley. Regardless, it appears there are still those that feel they could fill the latter’s role if given the opportunity.

Dudley clearly had time to respond this time after taking to Twitter to clap back at a troll that felt he could take Dudley’s spot.

The response just goes to show that not only is Jared Dudley a better basketball player than most of the general population, but he is also more adept at using Twitter than those that take the time to try and call out his role on the team. It is safe to say that he is more than qualified to be in the position that he is in with the Lakers given his listed resume.

Dudley has not been shy about discussing his job and what he brings to the table as the ultimate team player. He has been vocal about the importance of players understanding their roles, especially as a veteran that is still trying to compete in a league that is constantly pumping in fresh blood each year. His experience and leadership is helping to pay huge dividends for a Lakers roster that is still trying to get on the same page.

Dudley has spent the last several years off his career helping young teams get ready to compete, and it has now paid off with an opportunity to do the same for a team with championship expectations like the Lakers.