Lakers news: JaVale McGee wants to create own legacy in LA
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Lakers big JaVale McGee wants to create own legacy in LA

JaVale McGee

When the Los Angels Lakers signed JaVale McGee, fans were equal parts excited and confused. OK, maybe mostly confused.

This giant man who once was a staple on “Shaqtin A Fool” segments had just won consecutive NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors, and he chose to join LeBron James and a group of young players on the rise.

How McGee will fit with all those players — not to mention Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson, two other mercurial individuals — is one of the most interesting subplots of this upcoming Lakers season. But McGee hopes his time in LA will give him a chance to create his own basketball legacy, per Ethan Bauer of the L.A. Times.

He said he signed with them because of their brand and history, but also for the opportunity to build and make his own brand and history. That started with the announcement by LeBron James that he would sign with the Lakers.

McGee has gotten a difficult shake in terms of reputation for much of his career. His stops at Denver and Washington were mired in GIFs and general lambasting by fans for all the silly plays he’d make. When he finally got the Warriors, his reputation went with him.

But with the Warriors, while McGee did not play much, he proved to be effective in major moments of the season, including in the NBA Finals. Perhaps McGee earlier in his career was a liability, but he has proved he could be useful, even if only for a seven-minute stretch of a game.

Now with the Lakers, he hopes to bring more of the same. James should help with that.