Julius Randle has been aggressive in his pursuit of a well-rounded offseason workout, getting down to six percent body fat during his regimen and even shooting some three-pointers to round out his game.

The Los Angeles Lakers forward has been relentless in his effort to improve at the end of every season, cutting down on his weight as mid-October approaches.

“I feel great,” Randle told Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation. “My body feels like I’m in great shape, my legs, everything is coming together, so I’m excited, I’m ready to go… (I weigh) about 240, I was 243 last time, 6 percent body fat.”

While he has worked on getting in the right shape to go up and down the court with someone like Lonzo Ball seeking to thread the needle in every possible angle in transition, Randle has also started to shoot threes — an area in which he has struggled throughout his career.

“He’s shooting them, which is what you do in the offseason; you keep working on your game,” Lakers coach Luke Walton said. “They look good too, he’s making a good percentage of them. In this progress of being a young player and getting it going, normally, you start working on something and you make them in practice and struggle a little bit in the game, and then eventually, they start going in in the game. So he’s on the right path.”

The Lakers will ultimately only be better the more well-rounded he gets, and getting Ball another target from beyond the arc just means even more reasons or Walton to keep young Randle on the floor.