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Knicks owner James Dolan tried twice to get Jeanie Buss to relocate Lakers back to Inglewood

James Dolan, Knicks, Lakers, Jeanie Buss

Believe it or not, New York Knicks owner James Dolan has tried to convince Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss to relocate her team back to Inglewood.

According to a report by Stefan Bondy and Nancy Dillon of NYDailyNews.com, Dolan already had multiple discussions with Buss about moving the Lakers back to the Forum, the arena that the team played in from 1967-1999. However, Jeanie has continuously declined the offer.

Theoretically, if the Lakers move back to The Forum, it will generate more income for Dolan, as not only is the purple and gold the most prominent team in the NBA, but Madison Square Garden also owns the said arena. That will make the Knicks owner tons of revenue, especially considering the fact that the Lakers have LeBron James, one of the most popular and influential athletes of today.

However, the Lakers’ decision to decline Dolan’s offer is expected. They have built their world-famous brand by being successful in winning championships, and being associated with Dolan in any way would hurt their reputation, especially since fans view him as one of the worst owners in sports.

Dolan’s efforts to ask Buss to relocate the Lakers are nothing but due diligence. He knew what that franchise could do to his business, but he also understood that it would be difficult to convince its owners.

The Lakers are already in advanced negotiations with the owners of Staples Center to extend their lease in the arena for at least until 2025. Meanwhile, Dolan and his camp are currently in a legal battle with Steve Ballmer and the city of Inglewood, hoping to prevent them from moving the Los Angeles Clippers and their new arena to Inglewood.