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Kobe Bryant wants to be remembered as a great storyteller

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, All-Star… author?

As hard as it might seem to envision one of the most ruthless competitors in the history of the NBA as a children’s storyteller, that is exactly how Bryant wants to be remembered.

In an interview with Dana Jacobson on “CBS This Morning Saturday,” Bryant said that he hopes to write stories that help children aspire for more while promoting camaraderie (via CBS News):

“Fifty years from now, how do you want the world to look at Kobe Bryant?” Jacobson asked.

“As a person that was able to create stories that inspired their children and families to bond together. And for the children to dream,” Bryant said. “Then have the initiative to wake up every morning and do all they can to help that dream become a reality, you know, that would be really, really cool.”

Bryant launched his own production company–Granity Studios–when he retired from basketball in 2016. One of his first projects was a documentary short that would go on to win an Academy Award, and he has since released books entitled “The Wizarding Series: Training Camp” and “Legacy and the Queen.”

The five-time NBA champion has been extremely visible in the public life since he retired. Bryant continues to offer commentary on the game, which includes his “Detail” series on ESPN+. However, despite being chided about coming out of retirement, Bryant seems perfectly happy with his new lifestyle.

Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality” has already served as inspiration for a generation of current NBA stars, and he hopes that his literature can do the same for children everywhere.