LeBron James' fourth season with the Los Angeles Lakers has been met with a lot of scrutiny. The superstar forward was criticized for seemingly giving up at multiple points during the season. A lot of it was due to the high expectations many fans had for LA that season. A supposed championship contender not even making it to the Play-In Tournament will undoubtedly get a lot of, uh, “haters”, as they say.

Kent Bazemore, one of the veterans on the team, fired back at the critics of his teammate LeBron James. The Lakers guard gave a fiery defense of The King on TMZ, saying that LeBron did everything he could to help their team win.

“The dude was third in the league in scoring… What else do you want him to do? He put his body through a lot this year to be there for us. He's chasing Kareem.  He's done a lot for the game… He's changing the world.”

Bazemore was one of the veterans acquired by the team during the off-season as part of their title bid. Unfortunately for the Lakers, nothing went according to plan for them. Bazemore and most of their acquisitions misfired during the season. Russell Westbrook failed to gel with LeBron and AD. And worst of all, all three stars had lengthy stints in the injury list. It was a disaster of a season that ended in disappointment.

Now, the Lakers are left to wonder what they should do with Russell Westbrook. It's a conundrum that they are forced to face after their terrible season. Is the former MVP still worth keeping around their two main stars? And if not… how do they get out of his contract?