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Former Lakers star Lance Stephenson spills on infamous LeBron James ear blowing moment

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Former Los Angeles Lakers player Lance Stephenson recently discussed his infamous LeBron James ear blowing moment. The two faced each other in Game 5 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron was playing for the Miami Heat at the time, and Stephenson was playing in his first stint with the Pacers. On the infamous scene, Stephenson said (via HypeHoops):

“I didn’t have it prepared. It was all in the flow of the game. Being out there, competing. Everybody in the league is competitive, and wants that one thing; to win the game. Sometimes you do whatever it takes to win the game. That guy is a tough guy to guard, so you got to bring your all, and that’s what I did.”

The Pacers went on to win the game 93-90 with Stephenson recording 12 points. LeBron was limited to just 7 points in the same game, so Stephenson’s tactics must have worked. The Heat eventually won the series, however, only to lose to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals.

The series was the second straight year that the Pacers and the Heat had met in the Conference Finals. With LeBron a frequent opponent of his, Stephenson discussed what it was like to guard the former Heat man:

“I was testing him and seeing how hard he can compete. If he would bow out or bow down. And guys like that, with that type of talent, never bow down. It was a learning experience, playing and competing against the best.”

Lance Stephenson, who was Lakers teammates with LeBron James in his last NBA season, was recently drafted 13th overall in the G League draft by the Grand Rapids Gold. He is currently working on his NBA comeback.