LeBron James is almost 39 years old and he is in his 21st season of NBA basketball. Every year, we hear people say that he's too old and he's not going to dominate anymore. Every year, the people who say that are wrong. James is once again having a special season, and the Los Angeles Lakers are doing very well because of it. Los Angeles is in the top five in the West standings, and the Lakers are playing in the NBA In-Season Tournament finals on Saturday. James and the Lakers are off to a hot start.

It's still early in the season, but people are talking about LeBron James winning another MVP this season. So far, he is playing well enough to earn the award, and Lakers head coach Darvin Ham thinks that if that keeps up, he should win it.

“I mean, for what he's doing and where we are right now, I think with last night's win we moved in the top four in the West, we're able to maintain that and improve,” Darvin Ham said on Termine Radio in regard to James winning the MVP. “He's spearheaded everything you see going on with our team. The numbers he's putting up, I mean he's impacting the winning. The numbers when he's on the floor as opposed to when he's off the floor, I mean no disrespect to AD, we need both of those guys, both of those guys are high level basketball players, but in talking about LeBron specifically, I think it's a no-brainer. Take someone that's in their 21st season, that's hands down a top-five player in the league today right now as it stands, so if that continues, I think it'll be hard not to vote for him as the MVP.”

James clearly has the support of his Lakers head coach. This is James' sixth season playing with Los Angeles, and he is off to a tremendous start this year. James is currently averaging 25.0 PPG, 7.5 APG, 6.6 RPG and he has a 55.3% field goal percentage. Ham is right, if James keeps this up, he will certainly have a good chance at winning the MVP.

It's not the playoffs, but James does have a big opportunity ahead of him on Saturday night in the NBA In-Season Tournament final. The Lakers are taking on the Indiana Pacers, and James has been outstanding in the tournament so far. Don't be surprised if he has another big performance in the championship game.