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Lakers star LeBron James changes hats to become his son Bryce’s hype man

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A few weeks after winning the 2020 NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James switches things up and puts on his cheerleading hat as he’s proving to be the biggest hype man of his youngest son, Bryce.

Bryce Maximus, who attends Sierra Canyon alongside his older brother Bronny, has been making a name for himself as a member of the school’s basketball program. As such, this has the four-time NBA champion hyped for his other son.

SLAM HS Hoops recently posted a mixtape of the young James which LeBron himself re-tweeted with a caption:

“Only the beginning.” 

In the one-minute highlight video, Bryce showed some range as he knocked down several long-range jumpers from different areas of the floor. The 14-year-old also showcased his footwork and post play in a few clips, proving that he can also be a solid force down the block. He also took a page from his father’s game as he dropped some juicy dimes to his teammates. Both LeBron and Bronny were seen on the sidelines egging the young James on.

Though it’s been Bronny who’s grabbing all the attention as the next in line in the James gang to claim his father’s throne, it seems that his younger brother Bryce is slowly working his way up the succession. It’s clear that Bryce still has a long way to go but if he has one of the greatest players in the world cheering and coaching him from the sidelines, it’s safe to assume that Bryce is definitely on the right track.