Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James could be out longer than anticipated. LeBron is currently out with a rectus abdominal strain.

An Instagram post from the Lakers’ former head strength and conditioning coach, Tim DeFrancisco, explains that LeBron could be out much longer. He said he could be out for at least 4 to 8 weeks if it’s a minor strain, and much longer if it’s more severe than that.

This will be a big blow for the Lakers as LeBron James has been watching his teams’ horrible play from the sidelines.

Los Angeles is off to a terrible start and when LeBron isn’t on the court things are even worse. Russell Westbrook doesn’t look anything like the normal Westbrook that the world is used to seeing. Anthony Davis is still battling injuries, he left the contest on Saturday against the Trailblazers due to a stomach issue.

The Lakers are going to desperately need LeBron back because at this rate they might have a hard time making the playoffs in a tough Western Conference.

In a follow-up conversation with The Athletic, the former Lakers trainer said,

“Especially the way he plays, it’s tough for me to see him getting back under four weeks, these are such delicate injuries that can respond to rest with pain relief quickly, but they are highly susceptible to re-injury if returned too quickly.”

Los Angeles is hoping that this is not the case as they’re going through a tough time right now and need the King back.