On Friday against the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James dropped another 36 points as he carried on with his scoring rampage this season. In the process, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar closed in on Hall of Famer Karl Malone for the second spot on the all-time scoring list of the NBA.

Right now, LeBron is just 19 points away from surpassing the Utah Jazz legend. After leading the Lakers to a hard-fought 128-123 win over the Raptors, LeBron opened up about what this upcoming milestone means to him:

“I know I've said this over and over but it's just the truth of the matter it is,” LeBron said (h/t Spectrum SportsNet on Twitter). “Anytime I'm linked with the greats it's very humbling. It doesn't make sense to me. From where I come from and whatching this league, watching this NBA logo, and so many great players to play this game. To hear my name ranked up there with the best, it's a true honor for me and for my home town of Akron, Ohio.”

It just feels like LeBron is breaking records every time he steps on the basketball court. The Lakers return to action on Saturday to face off against the Washington Wizards and odds are, James should be able to climb to the second spot in the all-time scoring list on this evening. As he said, this is an ultimate honor for him and he never fails to look back to his humble beginnings.