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LeBron James gets really into Batman Day

Lakers, LeBron James, Batman Day

LeBron James is an avid fan of Batman. On the masked crusader’s 80th anniversary, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar did not hold back in showing some love to the hero of Gotham City and proclaiming him the G.O.A.T. on Batman Day.

Batman Day occurs on every third Saturday of the month of September. Fans of the Dark Knight – such as The King himself – got the chance to celebrate their favorite superhero’s birthday as his iconic Bat signal was shone in 13 different locations across the globe.

James has gone on record saying that he would like to play Batman in a movie one time. Perhaps that could be the next Hollywood role for the three-time NBA champion.

LeBron James has already embarked on his acting career. He spent the summer of 2019 filming for his starring role in Space Jam 2. Likewise, he appeared as himself in Trainwreck back in 2015.

James, in fact, has already appeared as Batman on the basketball court. The King wore a protective black mask back when he was with the Miami Heat to protect an injury to his face. That definitely made him look like Batman.

The four-time MVP is similar to Batman in a lot of ways. Aside from being a hero for his fans on the court, he is also a hero for them outside of it with his incredible off-court contributions.

In terms of the upcoming 2019-20 season, the 34-year old will try to be the savior of Los Angeles the same way that Batman was for Gotham City. James, along with his new sidekick Anthony Davis, looks to lead the Purple and Gold back to its glory days.