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LeBron James is putting in work ‘in his new lab’

LeBron James practice Lakers

For some Los Angeles Lakers fans, the arrival of LeBron James to L.A. has yet to sink in. Perhaps some photos recently shared by the Lakers Twitter account could help make the dream feel more like a reality for them.

The photos feature James in complete Lakers practice gear, breaking a sweat in the team’s training facility in the UCLA Health Training Center.

Already a month has passed since James officially put pen to paper on a four-year, $153 million deal, but the Lakers faithful still can’t get enough of the team’s newest cornerstone player. Images of James putting up a couple of shots in practice is nothing out of the ordinary, but him doing it in a Lakers facility, with the team’s logo across his chest, is simply awesome.

Not only is LeBron James the biggest free agent signing for the Lakers since Shaquille O’Neal more than two decades ago (arguably even THE biggest ever), but the fact that he is considered to be one of the greatest to ever play the game makes the acquisition seem like a match made in heaven for one of the most highly-regarded franchises in the NBA.

Opening night cannot come any sooner, and if the interest generated by two seemingly mundane images is any indication of things to come, then nothing less than a roaring ovation should be expected in the Staples Center when the Lakers entertain last season’s Western Conference runners-up Houston Rockets in their home-opener October 20th.