Much has been said about the Los Angeles Lakers and the fact that their roster is older than sliced bread. LeBron James is hoping his squad filled with veteran-laden talent can sync up to win another title.

But when a man that's 70 years old is clowning your club for being too old, you know the concerns are real. Carmelo Anthony's former coach George Karl went on twitter just to clown the Lakers for being decade too late with their roster construction.

Karl isn't off base with his take though, given that the Lakers have six of the 12 oldest players in the NBA today.

That Lakers squad indeed would have indeed been formidable back in the 2012-13 NBA season. LeBron and Melo were both Eastern Conference All-Star Game starters at the time, while Dwight Howard and Russell Westbrook were opposite them for the West. Rajon Rondo was also named an All-Star starter before tearing his ACL that season.

Marc Gasol was named an All-Star just the year prior, too. And while Anthony Davis was just a rookie, he was already a highly productive NBA player at the time. Who would have thought they'd all end up on the Lakers nearly 10 years later?

But the fact that they're all still in the league and capable of producing on a contender is a testament to their ability to keep their body ready. The Lakers are a team full of past-their-prime stars, but they're still probably better than your favorite team.